Having a successful Traffic Management Plan in place is a vital part of the any Event.

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An efficient traffic management plan will enable the highest levels of road safety and the minimum amount of disruption for visitors and should be a key objective to any organiser.

McKenzie Arnold Group can provide its clients with a comprehensive range of services related to traffic management. These services include the initial preparation of the road traffic management plan including CAD drawings and sign maps, through to the implementation of these methods using an efficient and cost-effective operational traffic management scheme.

Risk Assessments

Traffic management plans are tailored to each unique event and location.

They involve a full risk assessment, which clearly identifies and assesses all risks to the travelling public, including both participants and employees in attendance at the event. The environment, location and nature of the event is also taken into consideration. Our Chapter 8 qualified traffic specialists use their consultative expertise to identify potential risks and make recorded recommendations as to how these risks will be managed.


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