We pride ourselves on creating bespoke solutions to your requirements.

What do we mean by Visitor Management?

Put it simply here at the McKenzie Arnold Group, we take a wider approach to the management of visitors to an event.

Event Security doesn’t really cover everything we offer, we use a range of team members with above industry standard qualifications to exceed the client’s needs. This ranges from Security Industry Authority teams to stewards and a management team that will guide and assist your guests throughout their time at your event.

To us it is about a softer, more customer experienced focused approach to protecting visitors through their journey during your event.  

Visitor Management at The McKenzie Arnold Group

We believe that visitor management is a process that helps an organisation keep track of the people that visit their venue, event or other location.

We pride ourselves on creating bespoke solutions to your requirements. We can provide a wide range of services from front of house duties like collecting visitor data using our experienced front of house teams, to highly briefed multilingual brand ambassadors.

Or if your needs are greater, we can add a more sophisticated security solution.  We can provide highly skilled security operators that are able to identify threats or weaknesses in your event.


Visitor Management Techniques

The safety and security of your guests, customers, teams and visitors is paramount and the McKenzie Arnold Group are able to provide SIA licenced security officers to teams who are trained in hostile recognition and able to manage any ‘Martyns Law’ issues.

We believe that the top 6 visitor management techniques are:

  • Efficient Security and Stewarding operation
  • A warm and reassuring welcome
  • Accrediting your visitors in a fast, easy, and safe GDPR format
  • Manage contacts with an event host or venue manager
  • Assisting in managing visitors through their event experience during their time in your event space
  • Develop and maintain a clear visitor management policy

We believe this is one of McKenzie Arnolds unique selling points as we pride ourselves on picking the right people for the customer’s event. We believe that an organisations image starts at the front door, so having our teams understand that they are brand ambassadors for your event plays a huge role in this.

We have solutions for your every need.

We can provide, visitor management, security and stewarding for all events, event design and production, budget planning, venue selection, guest registration management, staffing needs, entertainment and more.

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Did you know?

The McKenzie Arnold Group deployed 980 team members for children’s day of Notting Hill Carnival and 1,100 team members and security for the bank holiday Monday of Notting Hill Carnival weekend in 2022.