McKenzie Arnold is a quality supplier of highly trained man guarding services across a wide range of sectors.

Tailored Services

The manned guarding services we deliver are always tailored to meet the needs of our clients, from individual organisations through to major multinational conglomerates.

This versatile approach enables our clients to successfully manage their assignments throughout the following sectors; Corporate, Commercial, Entertainment, Retail and Public. Commercial businesses and properties can be susceptible to damage, theft, vandalism, trespass and other such unauthorised access. These occurrences can severely impact upon your business. The manned guarding security measures that we provide ensures that there is a proactive form of addressing and controlling these problems as they arise.

How We Work

The manned guarding service we offer exceeds the security service industry standard by adding value in a number of different areas, such as enhanced training, 1-2-1 mentoring, customer expectation and first-class client liaison.

The McKenzie Arnold Group understands the factors involved in providing manned guarding services to those assignments that bring our officers into contact with the general public. Our state of the art GPS and iAuditor technology allows us to map patrol routes and record lock down and open up procedures.


We have an impressive portfolio of clients across the UK and Ireland.

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In effect, our team members will act as your security department, releasing you from everyday security operations and challenges, allowing you more time to focus on your business. We pride ourselves on our communication skills, which enable us to develop a true partnership with our clients and manage services proactively.

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We have solutions for your every need.

We can provide, visitor management, security and stewarding for all events, event design and production, budget planning, venue selection, guest registration management, staffing needs, entertainment and more.

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